Ameneh Moayedi

Ameneh Moayedi was born in Iran, on the shores of the Persian Gulf. At the age of 21, in her native town of Bouchehr, she made a mark during a solo exhibition with an installation that denounced the executions by hanging that are practiced in her country. Now in Paris, she works a lot and exhibits. She produces vast pictorial series where realism fades and whose atmosphere and themes can be understood by their titles, „Insomnia“, „Melancholia“ or „The Blues“ which play on pigments. As for his drawings, studies and works, they deconstruct the faces and bodies of suffering. Recently, one of his works has been very noticed. It is „Beaten Woman“, a painting born from the emotion aroused by a news item. We are now waiting to discover the entirety of his long term project a project that is perhaps the most important to him -his series of 12 carpets: on a traditional technique, contemporary motifs summon the stars in this dazzling modernity that the universe can offer us.

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